Working with Owners

Caldera Capital Partners provides a novel alternative for business owners looking to transition from day-to-day operating responsibility.

We often work closely with intermediaries to locate acquisition candidates and pay industry standard finders’ fees. If you would like to join our mailing list to stay updated on our progress please join our mailing list here.

Alternatively, if you wish to ass us to your mailing list in order to efficiently share new opportunities, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you an appropriate email address to use.


Pre  Transaction

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize that selling a business is an emotional process. Successful businesses represent the product of years, often decades, of hard work. Our experience acquiring and operating businesses allows us to anticipate and address issues early in the process, enabling us to facilitate a smooth transition.  We understand that a long, drawn out sale process puts significant stress on employees and the organization. 

We are not very interested in distressed situations. Rather, we are interested in acquiring businesses at a fair market value that represents the company’s history of success and potential for growth. 

However, we are open to discussing distressed business if we feel we have the right skillset and infrastructure to turn it around as a whole. We are not interested in assets purchases with the goal of re-selling and breaking up organizations into pieces.


Post Transaction

Our number one priority is the continued success of your business. In the short term this means we will invest the time and energy required to truly understand your business. We value continuity of company culture, stable employee relations and strong community standing.

Shortly after closing the transaction, we will place a committed, and local General manager to assume the day-to-day managerial positions at the company on a full-time basis. Their specific role will be determined based on the ongoing needs of the business. In addition, a select group of our Limited Partners will form the core of a board of directors to help guide the company going forward. Those Limited Partners who do not assume board positions will provide advice and guidance in their respective areas of expertise on an as needed basis.

We have no interest in “flipping” your company. We are focused on the long-term and define success as creating value for customers, employees, stakeholders and our community. In order to do so we will formulate a growth strategy for the business and invest additional capital in attractive growth opportunities and necessary infrastructure improvements required to advance your business.

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